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Price Range (depending on detail)
Bust: $25-$35
Half body: $35-$55
Full body: $55-$75

with BG: additional $10-$40 (depending on the detail)

These are my usual prices. However, if character design is complicated enough, I would charge higher than the usual

Additional character: (depending on detail)
Only on a single canvas w/ BG
$15-$30- Bust
$30-$40 - Half body
$40-$50 - Full body

REMINDER: Additional characters (w/o interaction with other characters) done on the same transparent or plain white canvas, costs the same as the usual price range because they are as good as those done on a separate canvas

(Will still depend on the details of the character)

I DO...

:bulletgreen: Chibis
:bulletgreen: Loli and Shouta
:bulletgreen: Bishoujo and Bishounen
:bulletgreen: Kemonomimi
:bulletgreen: Ecchi, slight nudity and Fan service (panty-peeks, shirtless, teasers etc)
:bulletgreen: OC's and Fanarts
:bulletgreen: Simple BG's (sceneries, ornamental, single structure)
:bulletgreen: shounen ai and shoujo ai pairings (no extremes pls)


:bulletred: Large groups (maximum characters should not exceed 3 in one canvas)
:bulletred: Mecha, Furries, and most fetishes that I'm not comfortable with
:bulletred: Heavily implied/Extreme sexual themes (includes Yaoi or Yuri hentai and hetero hentai, exposed genitals and breasts) [I stopped doing those since I'm not really that comfortable with them]
:bulletred: Super Muscle-y, old guys or women :))
:bulletred: Super complicated BG's (cityscapes, complex futuristic/technological BGs, etc) One main building as main focus is okay.
:bulletred: Human references wanting to be drawn anime style


:bulletblue: PAYPAL ONLY
I only accept commission payments through Paypal (preferably in USD) I will send an invoice after you approve the sketch.

Message me with your commission details by filling up the FORM in my "FORM and SLOTS" section below

If you have NO ready to draw reference of your character, you have to pay an additional $5-$20 for the designing/ conceptualization (be it character, outfit, accessories etc.)
providing separate references (clothes, shoes, hair, eyes, etc) would be alright

:bulletblue: EDITS
I will edit (even a finished output) if the mistake is on my part like forgetting or getting a detail wrong. But I will not edit if you approve of the sketch, got the final output, and want to make additional changes, or add more details. Pls don't change or add too many even after giving the final commission details, or also change the whole commission after I gave you the WIPs.

:bulletblue: BACKGROUNDS
Yes, I try my best to draw backgrounds, but not very complicated ones, please.
(add $10-$40 depending on detail) Pls refer to my "I WILL NOT DO" list for the BG's that I won't draw

:bulletblue: BACKING OUT
Feel free to back out, with reasonable excuse, if I haven't shown you any sketch yet, so say it early pls.
If commissioner suddenly backs out after I showed the WIP sketch, please pay for the sketch (around $5-$10 depending on the details) to compensate for the wasted time and effort on my part.

:bulletblue: NO DEADLINES
I don't like being pressured, but I do commissions full-time so I work fast :)

:bulletblue: FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE???
Though this is a first come first serve basis in slots, it doesn't guarantee that I'll finish yours first than those in the list who are below you. It will all depend on how early you can pay after receiving the sketch. I will skip yours if you can't pay yet. I will move on to the next commissioner, and if they pay before you do, then I'll finish theirs first coz I don't want to waste time and keep the others waiting in line too long :)

Reservation of ONE slot guarantees a maximum of THREE pcs of commission (to give other people a chance for a slot). Those who fail to reply to me after 3-5 days (unless w/ a valid reason) will lose his/her reserved slot. I will know if you have already read my sent note or not.

:bulletblue: PLEASE REPLY
Please be a responsible commissioner too. It's hard for me to know whether you're still ready to go on with the commission if you're not replying after I send the sketch or ask for your commission details.
If you can't pay just yet due to lack of funds, you can tell me. We can either cancel your commission and give the slot to somebody else and just wait for the next opening, or promise me that you will be able to pay at a certain date.

:bulletblue: RIGHT TO POST
I have the right to post the commissioned works here in my dA page and my other art page sites. (Though it is also my choice if I don't want to post it). I will only allow not posting for valid reasons such as game assets that are not yet ready to be revealed, if copyright is bought, etc. IF the character you want me to draw isn't yours, better ask for permission from the owner first.

Of course if the commission will be used for commercial purposes (advertisements/mass production of any kind) additional fees will be imposed. Same rules apply when asking for the raw file (.psd or .sai)

:bulletblue: MEDIAFIRE
I will upload the original, large image file through my mediafire account so you can download it from there.

:bulletblue: WHEN TO PAY
I will send an invoice after I show you the sketch and as soon as you APPROVE it for finalization. This is to avoid my efforts being wasted after finishing a commission piece and then the commissioner suddenly backs out.

:bulletblue: BLACK LIST
I don't want to mention their names here, but I do have a list of those commissioners who did not pay, seen-zoned me when I ask for their commission details, never replied after receiving the sketch, and didn't even bother to at least tell me whether or not they will continue with the commission because of a valid reason. I'm so sorry but I can no longer trust you.



To be more organized please send your commission details in this format
(I advise for descriptions to be straight to the point and keep it to a minimum)

SUBJECT: Commission details

:bulletgreen: I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the TOS
(YES / NO)

:bulletgreen: Commission type:
(Full body, Half body, Bust shot)

:bulletgreen: Character/s:
(char name, can be an OC or a canon and reference)

:bulletgreen: Pose/concept:
(provide references or give a description. No need to make it super long, so keep it straight to the point pls)

:bulletgreen: BG:
(if included, please provide reference or give a description. If no BG, choose between white and transparent)

:bulletgreen: Paypal email:
(You can give me your paypal email so I can send you an invoice)

I will send a price quote once you fill this up.
Note that I include the paypal fee in the price quotation.


Main status: Taking it easy...

1. :iconnomatterwhereyouare: [2 HB]
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi [paid]

2. :iconlinzzpuke: [HB w/ BG]
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi [paid]

3. :iconhoot-ers: [2 HB]
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi [paid]

4. :iconmilorian: [1 HB w/ BG]
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi [paid]

5. :icondeidarakitty: [2 HB w/ BG]
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi [paid]

6. :iconbloodofcerberus: [1 HB]
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi [paid]

7. :iconfangsxroses: [2 FB sprites]
Progress Bar 02 by Pikishi [sketch sent]

8. :iconkirajanssheinux:
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi [paid]

9. :iconikiohri: [FB w/ BG; 2 HB w/ BG; 2 HB w/ BG]
Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi

10. :iconmariko85: [2 HB]
Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi


Here is a list of my answers to frequent questions I get from people:

:bulletgreen: When did you start drawing digital?
I started drawing digital in late 2011. But I've been drawing as a hobby since childhood.

:bulletgreen: What programs/software do you use for drawing digital art?
I use Paint tool sai for drawing and coloring, and Photoshop for a few adjustments when finalizing the whole artwork.

:bulletgreen: Graphics tablet that you use?
Wacom Intuos Pro medium

:bulletgreen: Do you do art requests or art trades?
I don't do requests, unless I openly announce in public when I feel like it.
As for art trades, I'm not usually one to initiate coz I'm shy lol.
But if someone comes to me for art trade, I only accept close friends, or people I also admire ^^

:bulletgreen: Can you give some tips on designing OCs (Drawing-wise and Character-wise)?
I'm not into designing characters with too complicated outfit designs, but it
depends on my mood. A good tip I can say is to keep it simple and easy to remember
(especially when the OC is a main character)

Most characters in animes we watch have simple designs for them to retain in the minds
of the watchers. Make sure that when you turn your OC into a silhouette, it's
recognizable. You can also add a distinct feature or accessory like the usual anime
characters we know (Kenshin's scar, Hestia's boob ribbon, Yugi's wild and
multi-colored hair, etc).

ALSO! I make sure that my OC is more 'human' in terms of characteristics rather than
the usual anime character troupes (tsundere, kuudere, yandere, etc.)
Yes, I still incorporate those troupes to my OCs, BUT I make sure
that I observe human behavior and and attitude for a valid reason as to why my OC
acts, thinks, or behaves the way they are.

:bulletgreen: What are your favorite genre of animes/mangas?
I used to love shoujo slice of life mangas and animes, but I got tired of them. (Tho I still re-read my faves at times ^^)
I'm now into action-y types with lots of sword play! Yes! I'm into Japanese
historical animes and mangas ^^

:bulletgreen: Will you create a manga someday?
I really want to. I've always planned on creating one, but I am not yet confident
with my toning and inking skills. I'm also the type who doesn't continue what she
started, so I want to make sure that when I start a manga, I WILL stick to it until
the end (meaning, the whole story has to be already written from start to finish).


Batch 2 2018 Commission opening

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 26, 2018, 5:09 AM

Opening my 2nd batch for this year 2018~

READ MY COMMISSION PRICE & TOS section (lower left side of my dA page)
Pls refer to that section before asking me many questions, especially infos that were already provided there. 

As usual, 3 days to reply or give updates. Otherwise you might forfeit the slot.
I will also not allow commissioners with reserved slots to pass their slot to a friend without letting me know first.

For new commissioners, please make sure that my style is the one you're looking for.
My style is leaning towards shoujo so don't expect me to do anything out of those bounds.

Before messaging me your details, RESERVE HERE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION first.
Once I gave you a slot, then feel free to send me your details


Bullet; Green 1 slot per person
Bullet; Green 3 commissioned pieces per person.
Bullet; Green Refer to FORM & SLOTS (below COMMISSION PRICE & TOS) for the format that you need to follow when messaging me your commission details.
Bullet; Green Not planning on being hired for a long-term game or comic projects. A few game assets are fine (like game sprites of a few CGs)
Bullet; Green I will not reserve slots for those with pending or unfinished and unpaid commissions from the previous batches.

(1st four people in my waiting list, pls note me your commission details if you still wish to confirm your reservations)

1. :iconnomatterwhereyouare:
2. :iconlinzzpuke:
3. :iconhoot-ers:
4. :iconmilorian:
5. :icondeidarakitty:
6. :iconbloodofcerberus:   
7. :iconfangsxroses:
8. :iconkirajanssheinux:
9. :iconikiohri:
10. :iconmariko85:

Gintama art by Re-SilverFlare
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Batusawa's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I love watching and drawing anime, making stories, and original characters...

My art style may vary, but I mostly stick to my favorite Kazuki Yone style, which is my idol and my biggest influence :D

I try to find my own style along the way ^^
The influence of Yone will still be there, but of course, there will still be a distinction between mine and hers :)

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! :3

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Nayrael head reference is ok I guess. but if you want a fullbody art with it, just find any other separate pictures. (can be clothes, body structure, pose, etc)
Thu Jan 9, 2014, 9:07 AM
Question: Reference Picture you mention in your Commissions part... do you mean the entire body or would the head be enough?
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Honestly, when I first saw your art I'd thought Kazuki Yone somehow had a deviantART account which surprised me until I read your ID and you said he was a big influence on you. I'm not very good at drawing but I want to learn and I'd like to get as good at it as you and Kazuki Yone
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Also I think her art style is slightly changing ever since she left Idea Factory.
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