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My latest deviations...
My Style isn't constant, and it may vary from time to time...
It depends on my mood... XD


Fave artworks from my friends and other artists


Fall-sit by Nachooz
by Nachooz

I'm amazed that you drew all of these frame by frame (even the still parts/moments were drawn repeatedly, if I'm not mistaken) I guess ...


Cysh's martini (OC commission) by Batusawa
Cysh's martini (OC commission)
OC commission for :iconrumianyan:
his kitsune OC, Cysh, w/ a friend's OC, Malyna (the tiny girl in the martini)
The Super Seven (OC commission) by Batusawa
The Super Seven (OC commission)

Commission for author, Celesta Thiessen.

An illustration for her eBook series, “The Super Seven”

The boys at the back (L to R) are Lance, Fisher, Michael, and Mark
Girls at the front row are (L to R) Jia, Faith, and Chrissy

Had fun drawing these characters (though I haven't read the book, but I've read the preview) because they seem like an interesting bunch.

I have been commissioned to illustrate for some of her eBooks during the past like “The Super Seven” series (books 1-4 only) and “Prince Jade”

Feel free to search for her works in Amazon

Kanata Tokiwa (OC) by Batusawa
Kanata Tokiwa (OC)
ta-da! My Tourabu Saniwa OC, Kanata Tokiwa
Kanata means far/beyond while Tokiwa means eternally constant
She's my pair for my darling Mune-jiji >w<
Kanata design by Batusawa 
Her clothing style is somewhat like those of the Taisho era and a combination of shrine maiden

Hooray to my lovely artist friends ^^

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 6:59 AM

It was my birthday last August 1!
Treated myself a hair make over at the salon.
It was a famous salon here in the Philippines managed by Koreans :D
And I must say that I am satisfied for a first time customer. 

Got a rebond a simple hime-cut, though I wasn't able to get the bangs that I want, but I can just cut it myself... hoping I won't overdo it like during my childhood days where I cut my bangs halfway across my forehead that I have to wear a headband to school until it grew out happy cry XD 
I was not successful in finding the new graphics tablet that I want because they don't have a wacom intuos pro (medium) in stock yet... guess I'll have to look for some other stores

Well, on the other hand, I am veeerrry glad that I received such wonderful presents from my artist friends!

To be honest, I have many (but not too much) artist friends in Facebook, but there are still only a few (and I mean really few...) of them that I can talk to freely w/o feeling socially awkward (online and in real life XD)

This one is from :iconriiko23: an artist friend I met in facebook

These are Mikazuki Munechika (Touken Ranbu) my favorite toudan, my honey >w< together with Kanata Tokiwa, My Saniwa OC who I pair with him Chiyo Shy Icon 

This one is from my OJT bestfriend, Nikki! She's a mouse user :D

Though one more artist friend apologized for not giving me a gift art, I told her it was no big deal and she didn't have to say sorry because it's not like I'm someone who will hate you if you didn't :))
But it would be really awesome if she did, because she's a trad artist who also draws wonderful bishies Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

I guess that's about enough update! :))
I also thank everyone who greeted me a Happy birthday here in dA! Thank You Hearts Sign 

And about Art commissions... I'm sorry to say that I already closed after completing all 20 slots! >w<
I want to thank my commissioners who patronized my art! Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] 
But worry not because I will open again soon after I've had enough rest from the last commission batch :)

Gintama art by Re-SilverFlare
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Batusawa's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I love watching and drawing anime, making stories, and original characters...

My art style may vary, but I mostly stick to my favorite Kazuki Yone style, which is my idol and my biggest influence :D

Origin of my deviantArt name?

My cousin gave it to me during our prank-texting days...
She told me that I should go as "Batusawa" because she knows how much I love Rourouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X) during those times...

I kinda laughed because I know she meant "Battousai" (The legendary name that Kenshin was known for when he was still an assassin) but mentioned the wrong name...

The name kinda stuck... I used it all the way... :)) Even though it sounded so masculine to me XD

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! :3

Free counters!
(start: Sept 23, 2013)


Please bear in mind that I only do Anime style art!!! <3
And also that, I have no permanent drawing and coloring style. But I do try to keep just one kind of style as much as possible

Price Range (depending on detail)
Bust: $15-$25
Half body: $25-$40
Full body: $40-$60

with BG: additional $5-$30 (depending on the detail)

These are my usual prices. However, if character design is complicated enough, I would charge higher than the usual

Additional character: (depending on detail)
Only on a single canvas w/ BG
$10-$20- Bust
$20-$30 - Half body
$30-$40 - Full body

REMINDER: Additional characters (w/o interaction with other characters) done on the same transparent or plain white canvas, costs the same as the usual price range because they are as good as those done on a separate canvas

(Will still depend on the details of the character)


:bulletblue: PAYPAL ONLY
I only accept commission payments through Paypal (preferably in USD) Pay for them as "Goods or Services." Kindly pay the additional Paypal fees. To compute them (this fee calculation is only applicable when receiving $ in my country), click -> LINK

Message me some reference pictures, a few descriptions, and some additional pointers about your character.
(ALWAYS keep the words to a minimum)

If you have NO ready to draw reference of your character, you have to pay an additional $5-$20 for the designing/ conceptualization. (be it character, outfit, accessories etc.)
providing separate references (clothes, shoes, hair, eyes, etc) may lower the additional fee

:bulletblue: BACKGROUNDS?
Yes, I try my best to draw backgrounds, but not very complicated ones, please.
(add $5-$30 depending on detail)

:bulletblue: NO DEADLINES
I don't like being pressured please.

Though this is a first come first serve basis (in slots), it doesn't guarantee that I'll finish yours first than those in the list who are after you. It will all depend on how early you can pay after receiving the sketch. I will skip yours if you can't pay when the time to do so comes.
It's a commission etiquette to make sure that you have reserved enough to pay before commissioning.

Reservation of slots are NOT per commission piece, but per person (to give other people a chance for a slot). However, only a maximum of THREE pieces per slot. Those who fail to reply to me for a week (unless w/ a valid reason) will lose his/her reserved slot. (Yes, I will know if you have already read my sent note or not)

:bulletblue: RIGHT TO POST
I have the right to post the commissioned works here in my dA page. (Though it is also my choice if I don't want to post it).

Of course if the commission will be used for commercial purposes (advertisements/mass production of any kind) additional fees will be imposed. Same rules apply when asking for the raw file (.psd or .sai)

:bulletblue: MEDIAFIRE
I will upload the file through my mediafire account so you can download it from there. If you want it sent to your email instead, pls tell me in advance.

Please send the payment after I show you the sketch and as soon as you APPROVE of it for finalization. I don't like my efforts being wasted and then the commissioner suddenly backs out when I'm finished.

If you feel worried that I still haven't sent you the link please KEEP CALM XD I do not get to use the computer 24 hrs. a day, and we may be in different time zones. But I promise you that I will send you the link when I'm finished.

:bulletblue: BLACK LIST
I don't want to put them to shame by mentioning their names here, but I do have a list of those commissioners who did not pay, never replied after receiving the sketch, and didn't even bother to at least tell me that they will not continue with the commission because of a valid reason. Sorry to these people (You know who you guys are), but I can no longer trust you...

Here's a helpful tip on Commission etiquette

I DO...

:bulletgreen: Chibis
:bulletgreen: Loli and Shouta
:bulletgreen: Bishoujo and Bishounen
:bulletgreen: Half-animal half-human (more human features)
:bulletgreen: Ecchi and Fan service
:bulletgreen: OC's and Fanarts
:bulletgreen: Simple BG's
:bulletgreen: MILD yaoi and yuri (no extremes pls)


:bulletred: Large groups (maximum characters should not exceed 3 in one canvas)
:bulletred: Mecha
:bulletred: Animal-looking characters (Still acceptable if the character looks more human than animal)
:bulletred: Hardcore sexual theme (Ecchi is fine)
:bulletred: Super Muscle-y, old, bearded guys... or women :))
:bulletred: Super complicated BG's
:bulletred: Human references wanting to be drawn anime style


Main status: Doing an otome game project along the way...

1. :icontokkyun: (1 B, 1 FB, 1 HB)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

2. :iconblublazefire0: (1 HB)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

3. :iconmyttie-troll: (2 HB w/ BG)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

4. :iconpanthean: (2 FB)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

5. :iconordinaryfailure: (2 HB w/ BG)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

6. :iconydnkm: (1 FB)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

7. :iconrarity-princess: (2 FB w/ BG)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

9. :iconhitsuji--chan: (1 HB w/ simple BG)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

10. :iconrarity-princess: (2 HB w/ BG)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

11. :iconydnkm: (2 FB w/ BG)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

12. :icontokkyun: (2 FB)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

13. :iconbloodofcerberus: (2 separate bust)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

14. :iconazulann: (2 HB w/ BG)
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

15. :iconoshiruu: (1 semi-HB)
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

16. :iconcelestathiessen: (no details yet)
Progress Bar 04 by Pikishi

17. :iconstarimo: (2 HB)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

18. :iconhitsuji--chan: (1 HB w/ simple BG)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

19. :iconbloodofcerberus: (3 separate busts)
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

20. :iconrarity-princess: (no details yet)
Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi




2 FB w/ BG
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

1 FB w/ BG
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

2 FB w/ BG
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

2 FB w/ BG
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi

part 2:

2 FB w/ BG
Progress Bar 02 by Pikishi

1 FB & 1 HB w/ BG
Progress Bar 02 by Pikishi

1 FB & 1 HB w/ BG
Progress Bar 02 by Pikishi

3 FB & 1 HB w/ BG
Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi

3 FB
Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi


Batusawa has started a donation pool!
20 / 500
Donate me points? XD
If you like :)

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Astarlotte Hey! :)
Wed Jul 16, 2014, 11:29 PM
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CosmicKitto - Aw thanks! ^^ I'm not sure how I can use those llamas though :))
Sun Jun 1, 2014, 10:18 PM
You need more llamas
Thu May 29, 2014, 4:12 PM
LoRd-TaR aw thank you! ^^ sorry for the late reply. I also like your design. :D
Wed Apr 9, 2014, 10:26 PM
I saw your new sketch of Lucifer there, and I just want to say, I like it. XD
Wed Apr 2, 2014, 11:35 AM
Nayrael head reference is ok I guess. but if you want a fullbody art with it, just find any other separate pictures. (can be clothes, body structure, pose, etc)
Thu Jan 9, 2014, 9:07 AM
Question: Reference Picture you mention in your Commissions part... do you mean the entire body or would the head be enough?
Mon Jan 6, 2014, 7:28 PM
Happy new year to you too! ^^
Wed Jan 1, 2014, 11:05 PM
Happy new year :D
Tue Dec 31, 2013, 3:18 PM
thanks ~Nayrael! Merry Christmas to you too!
Wed Dec 25, 2013, 7:34 AM
Marry Christmas! :D
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 6:10 PM
Welcome to all random and not so random visitors! Just give me a holler if you want ^^
Thu Nov 14, 2013, 6:02 AM


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